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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 ; 10:44

i guess that everytime when i feel for something
its always blog that i can turn to..

well.. meet some 1 during a camp which i felt quite abit for her.
ever since break camp i think i hav nt stop thinking abt her.
howeva something just keep bothering me.
i think that she alrdy had some 1 she likes.

i just hope that god should stop playing with my heart.
hais.. let nature take its course?
hope to see her real soon again :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010 ; 14:56

Brought my blog back and i gt no idea why haha..
mayb im a little bored and i feel like blogging :x

Lets start off a little from School.
the motivation of goin to sch is volleyball ><"
after the break its rather hard for the subjects im studying.
hope that i will get the motivation to study soon

anyway gonna b like busy from next week onwards.
hav to practice dance + organise a camp for my secondary school.
again i hope i can mange the time.
see ya peepo!

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